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Daniel & Toby's Wedding Art Fund

Thank you for visiting our wedding gift page. 

Having discussed many options we have decided that should you be considering a gift for us, something we would both appreciate is a contribution to our art fund.

Tom Wolski is a friend and admired artist who we plan to commission to design a piece to celebrate our marriage.

Amongst our collection of Tom’s work is the piece previously commissioned to mark our engagement.

Tom created a much-loved image of Blacks Club where we enjoyed our first date.

Within Tom's intricate design are a number of objects, places and references which mean a lot to us…

Molly, Bond, upholstery, Lego, Venice, Paris, St Paul’s…


So what better way to mark the wedding than with a new commission to accompany the first?


Once we close the fund we will have a discussion with Tom to set him off on the path of creating what no doubt will be another great addition to our collection.

And of course we will update everyone with photos of the result as soon as the piece is complete.


To keep things simple for you, below you will find the PayPal details for Toby’s account.


Paypal link


Any contribution towards this fund will be hugely appreciated by us both and the resulting art piece will remind us of not only our wedding itself but each of you too.

Thank you for your generosity.

With much love Toby & Daniel



By the way, once the world has calmed down and large gatherings are once again a part of life for us all we will be having a party to celebrate our marriage with you.

An event we very much look forward to.

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